Welcome to Henrietta Lacks Legacy Blog-  Since the release of “The Immortal of Henrietta Lacks” which brought her legacy and her HeLa Cell that led to ground breaking medical advances, into millions of people homes who had no idea of her existence, there’s been a lot of questions not just about Henrietta Lacks but also about the family that Henrietta left behind. It’s not often that we have a chance to make history right, Lawrence Lacks is still here to tell his story of his mother “Henrietta Lacks” and I truly feel at the end of the day all we have left are our stories and our history.


Lawrence and Bobbette decided to write their own book in response to many questions that they received from people wanting to hear the family’s unique perspective of Henrietta’s life and with Lawrence being the only one that’s still alive that knew Henrietta Lacks and I must say this wasn’t an easy project for him since he has never openly spoken in detail about his mother.
As they were in the process of writing their book, Lawrence wife Bobbette suffered a devastating massive stroke. Just a week before Bobbette’s stroke she sat down and talked about what it was like raising Henrietta’s children. Unfortunately, Lawrence had to continue the book without Bobbette who now suffers with short term memory.

So if you liked the “Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks” you will enjoy this unique personal and real story from Lawrence and Bobbette “Hela Family Stories” that can be downloaded onto a Kindle e-reader or just about any computer, tablet, or smartphone with one of the free reading apps provided by Amazon.
The e-publishing format has allowed the Lacks family to publish independently, thus retaining control over both the contents and the proceeds of their work. Hela Family Stories is an ongoing project. And if this first installment is successful, we’ll write more. We have a lot more to tell.”

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